Dog Training: Complex Skills

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Dave Metcalf is a professional dog trainer offering obedience classes, agility training and complex skills training in Claremont.

Complex Skills and Clicker Training is available to all dogs and owners, no matter what skill level or training experience.

Dave will teach you how to train a dog and obtain the skills to teach your dog basics such as beg, distance target, move to a mark and roll over, to more complex skills, such as object retrieval and placement, chaining of skills and almost anything you can think of.

• Claremont – Claremont Park

Saturday Classes

White Stage 9.00am – 9.50am No requirements $25 per session
Blue Stage 10.00am – 10.50am Passed White stage $25 per session
Navy Stage 11.00am – 11.50am Passed Blue stage $20 per session
Black Stage 11.00am – 11.50am Passed Navy stage $15 per session

See below for Certificates, level requirements and class content.
Requirements: Food pouch, clicker & timing.

Payment is via cash on the day.

NOTE: Classes will not be held on days when the forecast temperature is over 30 degrees C, for dog comfort and safety. 

White Stage – Intro

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Sit, Stand, Drop, Recall, Touch
(White Stage usually only requires 1 or 2 sessions before progressing to Blue Stage.)

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Blue Stage – Basic

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Wave, Hi Fives, In Trouble, Lay Flat, Beg, To A Mark, Rollover, Play Dead

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Navy Stage – Intermediate

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Bow, Targeting, Speak, Go Shy, Head Tilt, Crawling, Walk Back, Creep Forward

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Black Stage – Advanced

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Say Prayers, Retrieve & Place, Focus Away, Limping, Go To Sleep, Counting, Skills @ Mark, Pedal Bin

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