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Parent communication

We make every attempt to ensure a wide range of communication opportunities are in place so that parents know what is happening at school and how their children are progressing.

We provide the following:

  • Class information evenings – Term 1
  • Goal setting meetings held in February
  • Parent/Teacher interviews held at the beginning of Term 3
  • Written reports – at the end of Term 2 & 4
  • Term letters
  • Student diaries
  • School assembly – every Friday
  • School newsletter
  • Special notices about important events
  • Tiqbiz
  • Information updates via e-mail
  • Informal chats with teachers

When an issue arises concerning a particular child, parents are asked to go straight to the classroom teacher. The child’s teacher is the one who knows your child best and is best placed to help solve problems.

Teacher emails are listed here, or you can phone the office and leave a message for the teacher to contact you.

Our Principal and Deputy Principal/Student Wellbeing Leader are available to speak with parents when issues arise that cannot be dealt with by the classroom teacher.  Simply contact the office to make an appointment.

The weekly school assembly is run by our Year 6 students, and parents are welcome to attend.