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Remote learning resources

Here are some useful video resources for parents that you may help you, not just during this period but throughout your child’s schooling. 

The first is a video made by a teacher on reading at home. As you know, we always ask that students read each night at home. This may be that they read a specific take-home book or a book from the Library or a book online. In the video below, Kathryn discusses reading strategies that you can use at home to help build your child’s comprehension. These strategies could be used for when you read a book aloud to your child or when they read a book to you. We continue to encourage daily reading during this time of remote online learning.


This second video is made by Matt Glover, who we welcomed to St. Columba’s as a consultant last year. He has made a number of videos to support parents. The first is about spelling. You may notice the spelling attempts that your child is making during their time at home completing the writing/spelling tasks set by there teachers. There is often confusion from parents about when/if/how they can help their child with the editing process/correct spelling mistakes during writing at home. Matt provides guidance and theory in relation to supporting spelling development at home (he discusses this in the context of writing).


The third video collection is created by Gail Boushey of the Daily 5 and CAFE. It is a series to help students develop stamina in their reading. Reading stamina is essentially defined as the ability to read for a prolonged period of time with sustained concentration. Gail has created videos for students to develop this stamina over time. Ideally, we want to build at least 30 minutes of reading stamina. If you are keen to build your child’s stamina, then you can use these videos. All you need is a few books and a computer (as she runs a short virtual lesson).


Family Padlet for Remote Online Learning
Please note that a ‘Family Padlet for Remote Online Learning’ has been added to our school website. This padlet contains information about the resources we are utilizing as a school during this time and suggested apps/resources you may like to use at home in addition to the daily tasks set by teachers. The padlet is not static and evolving regularly. We will continue to add to it as new resources/subscriptions become available.