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Code of behaviour

Student behaviour and discipline

There are high expectations of student behaviour at St Columba’s School.

  • Every teacher has the right to teach in a safe and respectful environment.
  • Every child has the right to learn in a happy and orderly learning environment.
  • The playing area should be a safe and happy place for all children.
  • When everyone knows the limits, and experiences the benefits of operating within them, learning is an enjoyable and enriching experience for all.
  • Students can take action. Talking to someone responsible is important when they have concerns.
  • Reports of bullying behaviour are taken seriously and appropriate action is put in place.
  • The learning of other students should not be affected by the discipline strategies implemented.


We believe that every student has the right to:

  • Feel safe and be safe
  • Be safe
  • Be respected
  • To learn

We believe teachers have a right to educate.

We believe that we are all responsible to maintain this code of behaviour.

Therefore we endorse the following:

  1. Everyone in our school has a responsibility to help others to feel safe and be safe.
  2. Everyone needs to respect the right of the teacher to educate and the right of students to learn.
  3. We all need to follow classroom and playground rules.
  4. We all must respect the belongings of others.
  5. We all need to respect each other’s personal space.
  6. No one should use language that is disrespectful – swearing is unacceptable.
  7. No one in our school should BULLY others – our school is a No Bullying Zone.

Discipline Policy